Starting a XS rotation

I’ve decided it’s time for me to start a rotation, so I can spend some decent time stitching on some larger projects. Hopefully this will help stop boredom setting in for those I don’t enjoy stitching, and any boredom that does still creep in will be balanced by those projects that I get great joy from. I’m going to try stitching each project for one week at at time – depending what shifts I’m on at work, this might mean one project gets more stitching time than others, but it will no doubt all balance out in the end.

I started thinking of doing a rotation after agreeing to participate in a Mirabilia SAL, which is taking place the 3rd week of every month – I figured why not dedicate the same period of time to other projects too, hence my current rotation idea. My rotation pieces are planned to be as follows:

  • Days 1-7 – Dolphins XS
  • Days 8-14 – Chatelaine’s Egyptian Garden
  • Days 15-21 – Mirabilia’s Winter Queen
  • Days 22-29 – TW’s Noah’s Ark

Tuesday night is my UFO night, where I have to choose one of my other UFO projects and put a few stitches into it, regardless of how much time I have to spend stitching … I figure even 1/2 dozen stitches is a bit closer to finishing than it was previously, and eventually those 1/2 dozen stitches add up! I’m also thinking that I may allow one of my days off each week to be ‘free day’, where I can stitch anything I feel like – the same goes with the last day or two of the month, eg day 30/31, these will be free days too.

Hopefully this will be a good way to focus on some of my bigger projects – and also a way to get some projects finished over the next 12 months or so. I guess only time will tell … !!

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