Scenic Sunday & WIP progress

I managed a tiny bit of stitching tonight while catching up on a bit of recorded TV – after a couple of episodes of Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds and City Homicide (no girlie shows for me! LOL), here is the current progress on Just Nan’s Winter in the Square – at 1am, a crappy photo as usual … and oh boy, am I looking forward to the end of all that white stitching, pretty though it is!

Just Nan-Winter in the Square


Here is my choice for this week’s “Scenic Sunday” – Ashcombe Lavender Gardens in Melbourne, Australia … with a little touch of spring in the air.  I’m not sure how often I’ll continue with this photo meme, but I thought I’d give it a go and make a start anyway … and seeing as it’s technically Sunday, I’m posting early! 😀


Scenic Sunday

Blue Monday

Little did I know there was a “Blue Monday” weekly meme out there in blogland!  Resistance is futile … how could I possibly neglect to join in??  So, along with the weekly Photo Hunt, I’ll probably also be contributing to “Blue Monday” 🙂

Blue Monday

Then of course there is “Scenic Sunday” – gotta join that one too, right?

Scenic Sunday

Then if I feel really keen I could also join in with “ABC Wednesday” or “Ruby Tuesday” (or Wednesday/Thursday) … oh decisions, decisions … so many fun memes, so little time 😛

Ruby Tuesday

If nothing else, it means I’ll have more regular posts coming up!