Missing in Action

I’ve been giving my computer a wide berth over the last couple of weeks … I’ve had a set-back with my health, after going back to square one with a viral relapse two weeks ago and feeling like death warmed up.  I’ve been struggling to get through work every day, and after a full 4 weeks of feeling like cr*p, I ended up back at the GP’s office this week after dislodging a rib from trying to cough up my lungs on Thursday morning.  After finding I had a temperature (which is totally unheard of for me), and kept bursting into tears all morning I’ve ended up off work again to try to recuperate.  My “immunity is knackered” (direct quote from the GP), so I’m taking it easy, and continuing to take some time away from the PC.

I think my Mum is missing my blog posts, however, so I’m making an effort to catch up quickly with my latest stitching before switching off again.  I owe some people emails, and will get on top of that shortly …

While I’ve been offline I’ve managed the following stitching finishes:

May Xmas ornie
“A Christmas Song” by Full Circle Designs (2008 JCS ornie magazine)
Stitched on 32ct Days Gone By Silkweaver linen
with a mix of threads substituting those of the
recommended threads I didn’t have

Chatelaine-Stitching Leporello 1
“Stitching Leporello” by Chatelaine

Chatelaine-Stitching Leporello 2

Chatelaine-Stitching Leporello 3

Chatelaine-Stitching Leporello 4

Sweetheart Tree-Snowflakes in Abundance 1
“Snowflakes in Abundance” by The Sweetheart Tree
stitched on 32ct white Lugana
with recommended threads,
but substituting the snowflake charm

Sweetheart Tree-Snowflakes in Abundance 3

Sweetheart Tree-Snowflakes in Abundance 2

WIP’s and UFO’s

This is especially for Kathy of the Blig Blog … here are photos of the current state of all my UFO’s (I could pretend that they were WIP’s but seeing as the majority haven’t seen a stitch put into them in over 12 months, 95% would definitely be deemed as UFO status!):

Macaw by Ross Originals Beaded Fish WIPs
Macaw -&- Beaded Fish

EG-01May07 TW English Garden Sampler
Egyptian Garden Mandala -&- English Garden Sampler

Le Jardin Silk Sampler 21Jan05 Flight of the Bumblebees at 2Jan07
Le Jardin Silk Sampler -&- Flight of the Bumblebees

TW Noahs Ark Winter Queen 01Jun08 1
Noah’s Ark -&- Winter Queen

Designs by Lena Rose-In the Dark needleroll 1 With Love & Affection
In the Dark Needleroll -&- Love & Affection

st-wildflower-needleroll Apricot Elegance
Wildflowers Needleroll -&- Apricot Elegance

Hussif by Monica Hunt XS Bookmark
Monica Hunt Hussif -&- Classical Garden Bookmark

Nature's Resting Place Beehive Needlecase
Nature’s Resting Place -&- Wool Beehive Needlebook

Oriental Poppy & Cornflower Summer Fruits
Oriental Poppy -&- Summer Fruits Pincushion

Pomegranates, Snail & Gold Bug HOCS Hussif
Pomegranates & Beetle – Martha Schmidt Hussif

Thimble Pipkin Thimble Pipkin Thimble Pipkin
Stumpwork Needlework Accessories

Goldwork Pea Pods Wool Embroidery
Goldwork Pea -&- Wool hot water bottle cover

Honesty & Heartsease stumpwork Bullion Roses
Honesty & Heartsease -&- Bullion Rose Facecloth

Frog Longstitch Butterflies & Hearts needleroll
Long stitch frogs -&- Butterflies & Hearts Needleroll

Dragonfly Common Hawker Dragonfly
Stumpwork Dragonfly

Berry Delightful Bag Mediterranean XS
Berry Delightful Bag -&- Mediterranean Village XS

Vicki’s Cot Quilt

Stitching Leporello isn’t included in the photos, as I’ve been stitching a complete section each time, so no individual section is in progress at the moment. And I can’t put my hands to either a photo or the actual project of GCC Ornamental Delights, so I guess that one won’t be getting stitched in a hurry haha.

Very sad that some of these projects are over halfway and never finished, however there are many there that are barely started … I’m sorely tempted to just unpick the bullion rose facecloth, for example, as I don’t know if I truly ever want to finish it, the same with a couple more projects in there … will see how I feel after one more stitching session on them, I guess, before I make the ultimate decision to turf out. It’s funny when you look back through the photos and remember why you stopped working on them … for example the Lorri Birmingham Butterflies & Hearts needleroll, I really hated the colours used, as I felt the wording etc just faded into the background, so no doubt that whole piece will be unpicked and started again from scratch with my choice of threads 🙂

I’ve already gone out and pulled numbers out of the hat for the first round, and highlighted the text in bold in the main list in the previous post … and I’m really looking forward to starting my rotation – I just want to finish my current piece first … although I guess I could just choose to start at the “free choice” slot and start counting my hours, that way I can continue with my current project and be starting my actual rotation at the same time – ooh, I like it when a plan comes together!!! 😀

That means my new current rotation is as follows:

  1. Focus Piece:  CA Wells class projects
  2. Medium/Large:  Lavenderblue Celtic Knot Quilt – From Nancy’s Needle
  3. WIP’s/UFO’s:  Berry Delightful Bag
  4. Focus Piece:  CA Wells class projects
  5. Small/Medium: Jumpin’ Jelly Beans – DKT Originals (freebie)
  6. Large/BAP’s:  Egyptian Garden Mandala
  7. Focus Piece:  CA Wells class projects
  8. Christmas Ornaments
  9. Finishing
  10. Free Choice

Stitching Leporello … part 8

I managed to get part 8 of Chatelaine’s Stitching Leporello finished today (the pincushion) – I’ve been a little hermit all weekend, and loved every minute of it.  I’m all caught up with Supernatural season one, and now part-way through listening to The Kite Runner on audiobook … ah bliss 😉

I really should try to take a better photo in daylight as this one doesn’t show the colours very accurately at all …


Stitching Leporello 8 2

Lazy day stitching

It was a perfect Saturday – sitting up on my bed all day stitching my little heart out.  I started stitching The Prairie Schooler’s “Duck” last night, and put the final stitches into it today – I just love this little fella!!  It’s intended to turn him into a tin topper, but I think he’d look nice in so many different finishes I’m now undecided!

Prairie Schooler-Duck

After my Duck finish, I also polished off part 3 of Chatelaine’s Stitching Leporello – this was just a small design, but it still took me a wee while to stitch.  Thank goodness for Season 1 of Supernatural to keep me company all day (thanks to Katie at work for loaning it to me).  I must say I think the colour choices for this one are quite “strange” … hmmm.

Stitching Leporello 3

I also put a couple of stitches into part 8 of the Leporello, which will eventually be the pincushion – I might even get that one finished tomorrow, as it’s quite a small piece to stitch.

Stitching Leporello 8 WIP