WIPocalypse Update for February

We are currently experiencing a hideous turn in weather with grey skies and rain forecast for at least another month – I think it’s my fault because I’ve been stitching the last two weekends! This last Sunday is the first time in over 2 months that I’ve been driven by a burning desire to stitch … and it felt really good!

It also means some decent progress on two of my WIPs for this month’s WIPocalypse update. First up is Bent Creek’s Winter Snapperland … taking the progress up to about 40% completion.

And next is Jardin Prive’s Christmas … taking the progress up to about 70% completion (I’m hoping to see this one finished by the end of the month – although that’s only if the stitching bug stays!)

Other than that nothing else to write about really – still working hard and still loving my new car … Same old, same old really … Except for one thing, that one of my resolutions for this year was to treat Sydney as if I was on holiday. When I was younger I would go traveling all the time on my own and eat out at restaurants etc on my own, either taking a book to read or my trip diary to write. I have missed out a lot over the last few years by not going to places because I don’t have people around me that share same interests – or I have made assumptions that way. This year I am putting my confident traveling mind back in place and going to things on my own if I really want to go ­čÖé

My first experience was about 2 weeks ago when I bought a ticket to see Ronan Keating in concert, along with Sharon Corr as support act … Oh boy am I glad I did, it was a superb night out!! Then next week I’m taking myself off to see Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera … Watch out world the confident Anne is slowly returning!!!

Later in the year I also have tickets to see the Australian Chamber Orchestra perform a baroque concert but Mum is flying over to join me for that one ­čÖé Who knows what else the year will bring? Whatever it is I’m definitely open to all possibilities ­čśÇ

And on that note, it’s time to sign off for the day and I’m off to put another strand of thread into another WIP … wow, maybe we’ll starting getting snow in Sydney!! ­čśŤ

WIPocalypse update

It seems that the first update post is due tomorrow, but it’s unlikely I’ll have much time when I get home from work – instead I’ve taken a quick photo tonight in advance … I didn’t get a huge deal of stitching done tonight, but it’s an awful lot more than I’ve done over the last month in total!!

Hopefully this will be finished by the end of next weekend … if I manage to stay home much … because this coming weekend I’ll be picking up this little beauty as my HUGE treat to myself at the start of 2012! ┬áThis has been my dream car for quite a number of years now, and finally I’m biting the bullet and getting rid of that old stupid burgundy lemon that I detest and putting myself into further debt to buy this little dream. ┬áThe only thing that isn’t my dream part is that it’s the hatchback version instead of the sedan, but in fact I’ve been tossing up whether to get a hatchback recently anyway …

We went to a car sales yard just to get an idea of prices when I was visiting friends on the other side of Sydney last weekend. ┬áWhen we were asked what we were looking for, I said “not negotiable is Mazda, and a preference of a Mazda 3 or smaller” – when asked whether I have a preference for auto or manual, I said I didn’t really care, although I prefer a manual to drive … he said “sorry, but we only have one car on the lot at the moment as a used car – which is that BLUE Mazda 3 hatchback over there, which is a manual” … after about an hour or so dickering around and having a general chat about finance etc, I ended up signing a contract and I’ll be picking it up this coming Friday. ┬áThe only changes I made to it were having iPod connectivity installed and have protection sprayed on the upholstery and paintwork etc … as I intend this car to be with me for many many years, I want it to continue looking good for as long as possible, so hopefully that will prove to be a good investment.

And on that note, I suppose I really should sign off for the night and get some sleep – I spent the day cleaning out our garage so that I don’t have to park it in the driveway, so I’m a little bit tired … I only managed to get some stitching done because the update deadline for the WIPocalypse was tomorrow!!

2012 WIPocalypse

Time to drag out all those WIP/UFO photos from the archives and dust them off ready for the 2012 WIPocalypse. ┬áI’m not entirely sure which ones I want to focus on with 100% certainly, although I’ve listed my top 5 at the top of the list … but I reserve the right to change my mind on a whim!!

These are all projects that have been started prior to 2012 commencing – a couple won’t take long to finish off, but others will take substantially longer. ┬áThe first series of piccies has got some of the actual chart designs shown as well as the progress to date, but the 2nd set of piccies is purely WIP progress only. ┬áDetails of the actual designs themselves follow in a list format, with approximate percentage of completion done.

List of current WIPs/UFOs awaiting attack during the WIPocalypse:

  • Christmas Tree Quilt ornament – Handblessings Patterns (40%┬ácompleted)
  • Tiger Reflections – Dimensions (15% completed)
  • With My Needle – The Goode Huswife (10% completed)
  • Winter Snapperland – Bent Creek (1% completed)
  • Christmas – Jardin Prive (25%┬ácompleted)
  • Halloween Fob – The Sweetheart Tree (45% completed)
  • Flight of the Bumblebees – Ruth Schmuff (5%┬ácompleted)
  • Egyptian Garden Mandala – Chatelaine (25% completed)
  • Enchanted Mermaid -Mirabilia (5% completed)
  • Crimson Fire Sampler – The Victoria Sampler (5% completed)
  • Raphael’s Raspberries – Forget-Me-Nots in Stitches (5% completed)
  • Schwalmwork Pinkeep – Moss Creek Designs (5% completed)
  • Gracie stumpwork – EGA (35% completed)
  • Mystery Sampler design – Debbie Draper (30% completed)
  • Hussif – Monica Hunt (95%┬ácompleted)
  • Sailors Valentine – CA Wells (85%┬ácompleted)
  • Stumpwork Needlework Accessories (thimble pip) – Jane Nicholas (80%┬ácompleted)
  • Cottage Etui – CA Wells (75%┬ácompleted)
  • Nature’s Resting Place – Stoney Creek (70%┬ácompleted)
  • Mediterranean Village Scene (70%┬ácompleted)
  • Dragonfly stumpwork – Jane Nicholas (70%┬ácompleted)
  • Honesty & Heartsease – Jane Nicholas (70%┬ácompleted)
  • Apricot Elegance – Cindy Valentine (65%┬ácompleted)
  • Berry Delightful Bag (60%┬ácompleted)
  • Beaded Fish #1 (50%┬ácompleted)
  • Beaded Fish #2 (50%┬ácompleted)
  • Pyramid Etui – CA Wells (50%┬ácompleted)
  • Wool hotwater bottle cover (50%┬ácompleted)
  • Summer Fruits pincushion (40%┬ácompleted)
  • Oriental Poppy stumpwork – Jane Nicholas (40%┬ácompleted)
  • Pomegranates and Beetle stumpwork – Jane Nicholas (35%┬ácompleted)
  • Noah’s Ark – Teresa Wentzler (35%┬ácompleted)
  • Wool beehive needlebook (35%┬ácompleted)
  • English Garden Sampler – Teresa Wentzler (15%┬ácompleted)
  • Goldwork Pea (15%┬ácompleted)
  • Le Jardin Silk Sampler – JCS magazine (10%┬ácompleted)
  • Longstitch frogs (5%┬ácompleted)
  • Hussif – Martha Schmidt (5%┬ácompleted)
  • Macaw – Ross Originals (5%┬ácompleted)
  • Topiary Tree bookmark – Textile Heritage (5%┬ácompleted)

There will be other items being stitched during the year as well, namely more Christmas ornaments and gifts, but they will be stitched on a whim ­čśÇ