Mixed bag of allsorts

It’s been an interesting weekend and start to the week so far … this week I’ve been totally addicted to Ghost Trappers on Facebook – I’ve been having a blast!  I actually found the game’s Wiki and have been learning more about playing, and it’s all making a heckuva lot more sense!  And I’ve been glued to the chat room and internet radio for giveaway prizes, and been exceptionally lucky to win 3 or 4 prizes … now all I need to do is transfer that luck to the Lotto draws, and I’ll be happy LOL 😉

Ghost Trappers 1

Ghost Trappers 2

I haven’t been stitching much at all – on Sunday (or Saturday night, I can’t remember now!) I managed to get the following paltry start into Mirabilia’s Enchanted Mermaid … quite pitiful, really!

Mirabilia-Enchanting Mermaid 31Oct09

What I did do, though, is to go online and order my first picture frames to give it a shot with framing myself.  This is how I’ve chosen to frame five of my stitches pieces – the biggest piece size-wise is probably Graeme Ross’ Tiger, and I’ve chosen a total of three mats for that one.  Fingers crossed the frames/mats all look OK when they arrive, and that I manage to actually put them all together!

Frame order 1 Frame order 2

Frame order 4 Frame order 5

Frame order 3

And on that note, I’d better hit the hay – I’ve been up until 1am every night this week playing and hunting ghosties on Ghost Trappers and think it’s time I hit the sheets before the haunting hour!!

I also just remembered that I need to draw the names of the scissor fob winners, so I’ll rope my friend and flatmate Katie into giving me an impartial hand in drawing names out of the proverbial hat over the next couple of days 🙂